42 Conjuntos de Kaito Cosplay vestuario, Peluca, Atrezzo y Accesorios

Kaito Accesorio

auriculares PVC

Kaito Zapatos

Zapatos de cuero artificial

Kaito Peluca

resistente al calor peluca de la fibra

Kaito Disfraz/Traje Cosplay

traje de poliéster

Kaito Peluche

personalizados y elaborados a mano

Precio de Venta: US$256.56
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Earl 2016-07-10

First off, this outfit is absolutely GORGEOUS! The colors are spot on! The design is 100% correct, and it fits like a dream! I especially love the capelet and the blue bow! The tail/trail of it is so long and so cute! It really sets off the outfit as a whole! There's virtually nothing wrong/bad about this outfit! Yet another great job! Granted, I do have some slight nitpicks about it. The main thing would be the dress straps. They are made of a seemingly very thin plastic, which kinda feels as if it will melt on my fingertips. Perhaps maybe making those out of cloth fabric or elastic in the future will solve that. Also, the white cuffs for both the arms and legs were much smaller than we anticipated. The ones for the leg were especially unuseable, but we found an alternative. Perhaps listing an option for calf circumference would help. Also, maybe attaching the arm cuffs to the gloves would help as well. All in all, I'm very happy with the outfit!

Kevin 2013-11-06

Your item feels comfortable and looks great.

Christina 2013-09-19

I absolutely adore this cosplay, It is very comfortable, and holds up well to wear and tear. I've had it for three months and have worn it many times, without hardly any trouble at all. The colours are all beautiful, and the Coat is warm enough that I suspect I will wear it in the winter even when I'm not cosplaying. I recommend CosplayFU to all of my friends, because of the amazing service I received. When I ordered the cosplay I had forgotten to include some fairly important details, but the staff at cosplayFU worked with me and were very friendly about it. I can't stress enough how happy I am that I chose CosplayFU to order my product! I will definitely shop here for future cosplays. Thank you so much you guys! -Christina

Christina 2013-08-05

I bought this cosplay In May and received it within a month, just before my convention. Its a really great quality material and holds up pretty well. My only concern for everyone would be to watch out for the arrow points on the coat and pants as they have peeled for me a bit, but its a simple fix. The scarfs colour matches the coat beautifully, and the coat and pant detail is stunning.

Audra 2013-08-05

I got my cosplay today and I love it so much! Fits great!

BreAnna 2013-08-05

You guys are by far the best cosplay site. I procrastinated on ordering my Kaito cosplay, which was about 3 weeks away when I ordered the cosplay. So I ordered it, praying that it would be here by the convention, and I get an email a week right after I ordered the cosplay saying it had shipped. Quickest cosplay order, and on such short notice. Thank you all so much, I am very happy and will come to this site whenever I need to order a cosplay :)

Kevin 2013-05-28

I love it, measurements of my custom outfit fits very well and looks great.

Kevin 2013-05-28

I love it, measurements of my custom outfit fits very well and looks great.

Ricar 2012-12-13

This is my order ! It was awesome on ice !

Daniëlle 2012-06-11

I got the wig from your shop, amazing quality as always,

Breanna 2012-05-07

:D The cosplay came quickly and I really love it!! The wig is a bit long, but it fits nicely. I'll order again soon!

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