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18 Conjuntos de Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay vestuario, Peluca, Atrezzo y Accesorios

Naruto Uzumaki Accesorio

bolso de cuero artificial

Naruto Uzumaki Accesorio

poliéster diadema

Bandage for Cosplay Cosplay

vendaje de algodón

Ninja Desde Zapatos (Azul)

zapatos de algodón

Sasuke Uchiha Peluca

resistente al calor peluca de la fibra

Sasuke Uchiha Disfraz/Traje Cosplay

traje de poliéster

Sasuke Uchiha Peluche

personalizados y elaborados a mano

Precio de Venta: US$185.93
Su Precio: US$171.92 (Usted ha ahorrado: US$14.01)
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Eva 2014-12-19

It arrived today! Thanks a lot for the great shipping that was so fast I've never experienced that fast shipping! Thanks a lot ^^

Marina 2014-12-11

I am absolutely impressed by the Sasuke Uchiha and Dream Drop Distance Riku Vest I ordered cosplay I ordered. Even though I did not wear the pants, everything fit perfectly. It arrived way before I needed it, which is awesome, and I had no issues when it came to it being comfortable. The collar was nice and stiff, but not too stiff (which is perfection, really) The purple rope, to this day, has not unraveled, has not ripped (especially since I admit i was rough with it), or done any of the sort. I did not need the pants since I was doing Female Sasuke. The pants,however, I wear as casual clothing. They are comfortable and warm. The pockets are nice and deep so I can put my phone and wallet in them with out falling out.

Notus 2013-07-29

This was an awesome thing to get, it came relatively fast and was of great quality if i ever get another costume it will be from this website (also with regards to first purchase they apparently throw in a measuring tape that will be helpful on future purchases)great website and no BS

Philip 2013-05-15

I got this on Thursday and absolutely love it!!

Craig 2013-05-13

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the cosplay you guys did for me it really is amazing I love it ^^

Taylor 2011-05-03


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